Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Setting Goals

Darren Rowse has a very handy post that explains in an entertaining way that it is important to have written goals. Well I have written my goals on this blog, i.e., to create 20 blogs on Blogger to find out which ones have the best potential to build traffic. I intend to create dedicated hosting for any that look promising and kill off any that don't cut it. The ultimate aim was to generate income equivalant to 25% of my full time earnings. I thought it was time to add some clarity to those goals. My personal approach is to start with some goals and then review progress to see whether my original ideas make sense. This comes from my training as a scientist where a pilot study is often undertaken to 'prove a concept.' So far I have earned about $15 on per month pro rata basis. I am getting traffic on my main blog of about 40 per day and getting sporadic hits on my other blogs. I think this tells me that my income goal is achievable and my sub goal of 20 blogs still sounds about right. I have just set up my sixth blog. I have so far managed to come up with blog ideas that are all very different to each other. This is quite encouraging. I haven't had to force them at all. On this basis I think that coming up with 5 blog ideas a month is within my capability so my quota of 20 should be achieved by the end of September. After that I will have to come up with criteria for which ones will fly and which will be killed off. I have already decided that this blog has a special status. It will never make any money or attract any serious traffic, but it is a good place to keep abreast of my goals and my progress. Thanks again to Darren for the hint.

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