Friday, 4 July 2008

Review of June

Well June was a solid start to my blogging career. I now have 5 blogs on the go on Blogger. I have ideas for another 5 to start in July. My 15 minute burst technique is working well so far, though I am doing 2 or even 3 bursts on some longer and more intricate posts. I am learning a lot as I go along. For instance I now realise that by having adsense on all my blogs I am reducing my earnings per click due to the formula that Google uses. So be it. I don't actually need the money but I do want the information I get from who clicks where. I can work on maximising my income from my traffic when I have more. On the subject of traffic, my main (non-Blogger) blog pulled in 1,692 visits and 3,163 page views. I was very happy with those figures. There was enough to do a detailed analysis of what drew people into the blog and what kept them there giving me some good pointers as to how to develop it. Traffic on my Blogger blogs was derisory. But even there, I think I can begin to pick out a winner. What I need to do is keep my efforts on these blogs even, despite the temptation to concentrate on the one that seems to be the winner so far. The evidence is that nobody else is reading this blog, but if it is ever read I am sure you will be interested in how much money I actually made. Prepare to be underwhelmed. All this activity has only netted me less than £7 of actual earnings. My target is about £1,000 per month. I have a long way to go yet. But I still think it is achievable in maybe 18 months. What happens in July will be interesting but I really want to be netting so decent cash by next January.

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