Friday, 12 September 2008

Raw Diet Update

I have not been keeping up with this blog much because I have had other things that have been more important, especially keeping my main blog on track. It has been getting some very promising traffic and I have been keen to keep updating to make sure I don't lose momentum. I really ought to update the raw diet story though, which has gone off in a totally unexpected direction. Back when I started it in the middle of August the intention was to switch to a total raw diet over a couple of weeks. I hadn't really envisaged it as anything other than an experiment which I would wind down again when I had learnt from it. That isn't how it is turning out. I am now on a regular routine of eating cooked egg and bacon, or something similar, which I eat with some raw veg and fruit. Typically carrots and celery, but sometimes cabbage and cauliflower. Then a banana and an apple. It was wierd at first and to begin with a really missed the toast that seemed to be an essential accompaniement. But I have stuck to this breakfast ever since. It doesn't seem wierd any more and I find it a much better start to the day than a traditional cooked breakfast or cereals. For lunch I just chomp through some more raw veg and fruit. I don't feel either tired or hungry all day. On my conventional diet I usually snacked in the afternoon, and always got home feeling ravenous. Since starting the raw thing I have eaten one solitary packet of barbecue flavoured Mini Cheddars. I don't know what happened that day. But I must point out that avoiding snacking was supposed to be something that I was going to phase in at the end. I am still eating cooked meals in the evening, though with plenty of fruit and no processed puddings. This is the next thing I will work on. I have lost about 4 or 5 pounds but given that I weigh 13 stone plus and am six foot tall this is not much of a deal really. But I have had several people comment that I have lost weight. I have lost about 2" around the waist, so I suppose I look slimmer. Other benefits are feeling less stressed and having a bit more energy. These are noticeable but not huge effects. I feel that I have a bit better ability to concentrate and I sleep better - except when I have a big carbohydrate rich evening meal. Unexpected benefits are that my teeth feel better. I used to be continually worried about them not being clean. And a couple of chronic aches that I had learned to live with seem to have cleared up. I am going to be really interested to see if these benefits persist. I have been going about a month so far and I definitely do not want to go back to my old eating pattern. I will try to keep more regular notes, if only because for my own benefit I want to keep track of what I have changed and when.