Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Adding Blogs

I have now got three blogs on the go on blogger. I have adsense and traffic tracking set up and I have started adding the content. I am concentrating on getting text up at first. I can add pictures and other media later. The text is what people will be reading and what will give the blogs their purpose for now. I will see how they get on and may think about non-text content a bit later. I have a blog based on my interest in Tolkien and history, which aims to blend the two. I am basically going to write what I find interesting myself in the hope that other people may find it interesting too. I have set up a cut down version of my existing blog. This is basically an experiment to see if I can drive a bit of extra traffic from the sphere back to my main site. I have no idea if this will work. I have started writing stuff for a blog based on the small town where I live too which I will set up shortly. So far I have learnt that it is very easy to get blogs set up on It seems to have quite a few useful features that I must explore further. What I don't know yet is how well these blogs will work to attract search engines. This really is the key question. If you don't get any search traffic then they are never going to work. In the meantime I have started using these blog web addresses when commenting on other people's blogs. This isn't in my opinion a cost effective way of driving traffic but it does give some market research about what kinds of topics prompt people to click. The 15 minute per post rule is working at the moment, though I think I will need to allow myself double sessions for some topics.

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