Monday, 16 June 2008

Sources of Inspiration for blogging

I am beginning to get into my stride on blogging now. I would love to be able to post on all of my blogs every day but as I am aiming to have 20 of them and I also have a full time job this is not possible. I am struck however by the fact that the biggest single problem is coming up with inspiring subjects for blog posts. It is easy enough to sit at the keyboard and knock out something, but the trick is to knock out something worthwhile. I have given myself permission in this one blog to be as self indulgent as I like. I don't think that there is room for another blog about blogging to make it big, or even to make it much beyond random traffic. But I am not knocking blogs about blogging. I find that they are a source of useful information, which is good. And the best ones are sources of inspiration which is brilliant. I have been following Caroline Middlebrook's blog for a while. Caroline has given up her job and is relying on her on-line activities to make a living. It has to be said that after 9 months she isn't. Her blog is well worth a read. You get to know her as a person - perhaps more than she intends. And you end up hoping she will make it, though I do sometimes almost hold my hand over my eyes to avoid looking as she engages on yet another hair brained scheme. The blogger that many other bloggers seem to rate is Darren Rowse. In fact he was the first one I heard referred to by name. I have just subscribed to his Problogger blog and my initial dippings into his stream of consciousness are quite impressive. He has a very clear writing style. Steve Pavlina is hardly a blogger about blogging, he covers a much wider scope than that. But his really is the blog success story to end them all. His frankly quirky interface is quickly overlooked when you find some truly great content. He has been steadily building traffic since he started and now generates a very comfortable income from his thousands and thousands of visitors. My aims are much more modest than these titans of the blogging world. I have decided to keep my derisory earnings for May to myself, but I hope to get into double figures by the end of June. Time will tell......

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