Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Raw Diet Day 1 - post mortem

After lunch I became absorbed in my job and didn't give my diet a second thought. But on the way home in the car it occurred to me that I had not had a mid-afternoon craving for a snack as I often do. I generally put these down to boredom anyway, so it could just be that my work was a bit more interesting than usual. It could be a coincedence, but I also managed to get a bit more done than I do most afternoons, which tend to be my lowest ebb of the way energy-wise. The other thing I noticed was that I still wasn't particularly hungry when I got home. I wasn't full though, because as soon as I tucked into my evening meal I had no problem polishing it off. It was a particularly big one because we had a large batch of rather old potatoes to eat up. With some chicken in my wife's rather nice creamy sauce and a side salad it was very enjoyable. Conclusions? Well yesterday was far from a raw food day. In fact I probably ate a bit more cooked food than normal what with the donut and the large evening meal. I did nonetheless think that I got some benefit from what was in effect a fairly small raw food snack on top of a conventional diet. I am going to stick to my initial plan of simply adding raw foods at lunchtime for the first week to see if there really is any noticeable effect and how consistent it is. I am not too concerned about my weight. I am 13 stone 5 and three quarter pounds as of today. But I am a scientist and I like measuring things, so I will keep track of my weight as this trial progresses.

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